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While the stone, glass and wood are all important parts of the décor, the metal accents add that touch of “finish.”

These handles, headers, thresholds and kick plates, the push plates and banisters are exposed to wear and tear, and constant exposure to oxidation. The finishes get scratched and worn, the original protective lacquer wears off and the metal gets a tarnished, used appearance, resulting in a loss of that crisp dazzle.

Periodic refinishing brings back the shine. The scratches are removed and the brass, chrome or copper is renewed, a new lacquer finish is applied and our masterful artists have brought to your facility a bright cheeriness that will last, again, until the process repeats itself.

Amazing when a $75.00 refinishing of a door handle to look-like-new condition substitutes for a new $750.00 door handle.

And, yes, we can refinish your metal to new…no fuss, no mess.