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The Conference Center is the sophisticated answer to welcoming the important guest or valued client.

The entrance impacts the intrinsic image one forms of a firm, which, inevitably, is a lasting one. The subsequent meetings must continue with a positive impression of welcome and professionalism. This need is best served through a combination of effective and efficient meeting management tools that incorporate the basic rules of safe and healthy food handling; proper set-up protocol utilizing attractive, space-saving serving pieces; introduction of innovative serving techniques; and efficient, discreet, conference room readiness and cleaning methods.

In addition to visitors, the firm’s own executives, administrative and general staff, when using the conference rooms and kitchen/pantry areas, require the same professional attention afforded outsiders. Pantry stocking procedures and cost-saving organization are an important part of the overall efficiency and subsequent user ease.

These awesome goals can be achieved by calling on Hospitaliti, whether the firm prefers using in-house staff, or outsourced personnel from Hospitaliti, to perform these services. We are fully certified and prepared to accommodate your needs. Enhanced services are available to you through a combination of, or choice of, any of the following components:

➢    Consultation

➢    Analysis

➢    Training

➢    Manpower

➢    Management

➢    On site upgrading and ongoing support