Service Schedule



The last of the construction workers are still sanding the walls and finishing the staircase, while the frenzied facilities staff is trying to tell the movers where to put the new furniture…planned, of course, to be placed in the area where the construction men are working.

The offices are almost completed…built-ins have been in place for months…but every square inch of surface is covered in a fine blanket of dust. And as the plastic covering that protected the carpet is removed, there is a thick residue of black, sticky glue that adheres to the fiber!  

Welcome to the evening before the morning that business starts in the new space!

That night the tireless ADC team arrives and before the last tech leaves the facility is spotless. The kitchens are ready for the coffee accoutrements and the restrooms look as though fifty construction workers and furniture movers had not used them the previous day, the glass doors are fingerprint free and the carpeted areas are vacuumed and there is not a speck of residue or sheetrock dust.

When the first staff arrives to unload the boxes, the facility is ready.