Service Schedule



The areas in the space that are most frequently visited, for that morning coffee, the quick microwave magic at lunch and that pick-me-up in the doldrums of the afternoon, the well-stocked kitchen or pantry!

In use all day, the soiling of these areas occurs as quickly as the next cup of soup bubbles over or cup of coffee spills. The bubbler and spiller naturally leave the cleanup to “them.”

And we are “them,” the ADC technicians, to the rescue. Our skilled staff, along with the most up-to-date equipment and chemicals (green, too,) will mop up, strip and wax, clean out and detail the messiest appliance or cabinet. We’ll remove all the plates and utensils and replace them to their original space or reorganize the set-up to make it more efficient and, in many instances, safer. It’s up to you and what you would like.

When was the last time that trash receptacle was cleaned and sanitized; The cabinets cleaned out; The old, curling signs replaced? When was the kitchen or pantry reflecting gleaming cleanliness?

Let ADC bring that gleaming clean to your kitchens and pantries.