Service Schedule

The designers and decision makers choose the carpeting, wall coverings, furnishings, and appointments, to project the proper image of your firm to clients and associates.
No sooner is installation completed than the wear and tear begins. The problem, of course, is how to get the longest possible life from these dynamite designs. The solution is one that American Detail Cleaning can provide for you: expert continuing care.
By utilizing the most advanced technology, performed by dedicated service-people, we help extend the life of the fiber in carpeting and upholstery, keep wood floors and furniture finishes gleaming, leathers supple and crack-free, and keep brass looking bright and marble glowing.
Low cost maintenance helps avoid high cost replacement, while also keeping your facility from acquiring that "lived-in" look. All services performed are absolutely guaranteed. You will benefit, as well, from the advantages of using a minority-owned company to perform these services.
You will find on this Web site a list of the services we perform, along with descriptions of carpet care systems and other restorative processes.
Contact us regarding any of the services we perform, and we will be happy to submit detailed proposals for one-time detail cleaning, refinishing or program-oriented continuing care. We are dedicated to providing superior service, attractively priced
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